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A female patient underwent a BOTOX® lip flip procedure at Beauty by Blume in Fishers, IN, with Dr. Kristen Blume. Following the treatment, she experienced a remarkable improvement in her gummy smile. The patient expressed satisfaction and joy with the outcome. Dr. Blume's expertise and care played a crucial role in the patient's positive experience, highlighting the benefits of the procedure in managing her thinning lips and gummy smile.

Botox Lip Flip



Lip Flip

A botulinum toxin lip flip, a lip injection procedure using Botox or Dysport, is a popular cosmetic treatment that can help enhance the appearance of the lips by creating a subtle pout without the need for traditional lip fillers. This procedure involves injecting small amounts of Botox into the upper lip to relax the muscles, causing the lip to roll slightly upward and appear fuller. The results are temporary, typically lasting a few months, and can provide a natural-looking enhancement to the lips. Many people opt for a botulism toxin lip flip to achieve a more youthful and defined lip shape without the commitment or potential risks associated with traditional lip fillers or to help with a smile that shows too much gum or asymmetry.

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