Acne Scar Treatment in Fishers, IN

What Is Acne Scar Treatment?

Acne can be a troubling issue for many people, regardless of age. Often, these blemishes can leave scars as a reminder of the past and hinder your ability to feel confident in your own skin. Dr. Kristen Blume proudly offers acne scar treatment at our Fishers, IN practice to treat visible acne scars and revitalize your skin. At Beauty by Blume, our noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatments utilize advanced Opus Plasma® technology to help erase these painful reminders and give you a softer, renewed complexion.

How Does Acne Scar Treatment Work?

When you come to Beauty by Blume for your initial consultation, you will meet with Dr. Blume to discuss your goals and which treatment method would best meet your individual goals. Your skin will be cleaned and prepared while you relax comfortably in one of our treatment chairs. During the procedure, you should not feel any pain; however, if needed, a numbing gel may be applied to reduce any discomfort. You may experience some swelling or redness following the treatment, but that should not last long. The number of treatments you will need will depend on your goals, complexion, and individual needs. In order to achieve and maintain optimal results, it is essential to continue a proper at-home skin care regimen.

What Are the Benefits of Acne Scar Treatment?

If you are struggling with scars or scarring left behind from acne blemishes, acne scar treatment at Beauty by Blume can significantly improve their appearance and give you a fresher, more luminous look. Acne scar treatment has a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Quick and effective treatments
  • Softening and smoothing skin
  • Lessens inflammation
  • Reduces skin discoloration
  • Stimulates healing
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring
  • Clearer, healthier-looking skin

Dr. Blume is thorough, sweet, and takes pride in her work. My results were great and I’ll definitely be going back!

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Dr. Kristen Blume has 5 Star services and 5 Star personality and professionalism. I appreciate that she explains everything, takes her time and her work is truly art.

D.A. Google

I love my lips! Dr. Blume is so patient and very attentive. She did a great job with walking me through the lip filler process. I would highly recommend seeing her for any of your Botox/filler needs (-:

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Dr.Blume is so nice, professional and knowledgeable. She is one of the doctors who know what they are doing! I would give her 10 stars not only 5. She is highly skilled in BOTOX, hair restoration, acne scar treatment, Dysport, chemical peels, and plasma skin resurfacing.

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I am so happy to have chosen Dr. Blume for my procedure. I was very nervous about attempting to remedy a beauty issue that has affected my self confidence for years. Dr. Blume was very professional, careful to address any questions, and genuinely both concerned *and* excited about my journey and the results achieved. She has a super upbeat, fun personality and was great at putting my mind at ease before, during, and post treatment …My experience was all I hoped for! Thank you Dr. Blume!

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Are Opus Plasma treatments painful?

A lot of patients at Beauty by Blume say that acne reduction treatments using Opus Plasma are less painful than similar skin resurfacing procedures. Nevertheless, Dr. Blume can offer a topical anesthetic agent to keep you at ease if you would like.

How is the Opus Plasma treatment performed and how long is the downtime?

As soon as you are ready, Dr. Blume will smoothly use the Opus Plasma handpiece over the desired regions to deliver energy into the targeted area in order to rejuvenate the skin and promote collagen formation. Afterward, you may have some red areas or swelling for around 48 hours, although you should be able to resume your normal routine right after your treatment.

How many acne scar sessions should I get to achieve ideal results?

Outcomes from acne scar procedures will vary with every patient. Depending on the starting condition of your skin issues, you might expect to get 2 – 3 subsequent Opus Plasma procedures to achieve clearer, smoother skin. During your initial consultation, Dr. Blume will evaluate your skin and find out about your goals so we can recommend the right number of sessions for you. In addition, our staff in Fishers, IN can offer recommendations for a proper home skin care routine to help keep up your results.

Get The Clear Complexion You Deserve

Don’t let acne scars keep you from being comfortable in your own skin. Boost your confidence and obtain a smooth, radiant complexion with acne scar treatment at Beauty by Blume. Contact our Fishers, IN office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristen Blume to learn more about our advanced acne scar treatment with Opus Plasma and how it can benefit you.

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