Chemical Peel in Fishers, IN

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels with trichloroacetic acid dissolve damaged skin cells, revealing a smoother complexion as your skin heals and rejuvenates. 
A TCA peel treatment is a noninvasive option to make your complexion luminous and can be used for the neck and face. A Beauty by Blume professional TCA peel will give you healthier, more radiant skin. At our Fishers, IN office, Dr. Kristen Blume offers chemical peel treatments that help to minimize skin abnormalities, such as wrinkles, fine lines, scars, rough patches, hyperpigmentation issues, and more.

How are Chemical Peels Performed?

At your appointment at Beauty by Blume, we will have you lie down in a relaxed position to administer your treatment. We will ensure your skin is cleaned prior to applying the personalized solution to your face or neck. We will spread the solution onto the skin and allow it to work for an appropriate amount of time. Finally, we will clean the peel off your face and apply a neutralizing agent. You are encouraged to bring light sunscreen or a hat to wear outside following the treatment to protect from UV exposure.

What Are The Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Depending on the strength of your treatment, you may anticipate a variety of the following benefits from your treatment at Beauty by Blume:

  • Reduction in wrinkles and age signs
  • Minimization of pores and other skin flaws
  • Hydrated, enhanced skin texture
  • Balanced and neutral complexion

Great doctor , knowledgeable and friendly.

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Dr.Blume is so nice, professional and knowledgeable. She is one of the doctors who know what they are doing! I would give her 10 stars not only 5. She is highly skilled in BOTOX, hair restoration, acne scar treatment, Dysport, chemical peels, and plasma skin resurfacing.

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Dr. Blume is great!

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I am so happy to have chosen Dr. Blume for my procedure. I was very nervous about attempting to remedy a beauty issue that has affected my self confidence for years. Dr. Blume was very professional, careful to address any questions, and genuinely both concerned *and* excited about my journey and the results achieved. She has a super upbeat, fun personality and was great at putting my mind at ease before, during, and post treatment …My experience was all I hoped for! Thank you Dr. Blume!

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What level should I choose for my chemical peel?

Which level of chemical peel is best for you will vary based on your specific skin issues and aesthetic goals. During your consultation with Dr. Blume, she can help you choose which chemical peel is best for your skin. Some things you may consider are your general health, your skin type, the depth of your skin concerns, how long you can spend in recovery, and what you want the peel to accomplish. For your first peel, it is recommended you select a lighter peel and see what you think of the results. From there, you and Dr. Blume might adjust your plan to discover the best type of peel for your needs.

Will my face hurt after a chemical peel?

Based on the formula selected, you might feel mild discomfort throughout the treatment and shortly after. If you choose a light peel, you may notice a little discomfort; however, it can be alleviated with a handheld fan. Deep or medium peels are good for deeper damage and give you longer-lasting results; however, they typically are more uncomfortable. Numbing cream, medications, and ointments can be applied to help you feel more comfortable during your chemical peel. Dr. Blume will explain post-treatment skin care to extend your results.

Can I combine a chemical peel with other treatments?

A chemical peel may be combined with another nonsurgical skin treatment at Beauty by Blume. In your consultation, feel free to be open with Dr. Blume when describing your skin problems so she can develop a comprehensive treatment plan that delivers your best results. Your plan might include an injectable treatment for wrinkles (such as BOTOX® or JUVÉDERM®) plus a chemical peel to rejuvenate your entire face.

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If you are new to professional facial treatments, Beauty by Blume can help you determine the best choice to meet your needs. Your newly revived skin will thank you by looking radiant and touchably smooth. Contact our office in Fishers, IN to schedule your skin consultation today for a chemical peel.

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