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While in her early 50s this female patient underwent JUVÉDERM® Vollure lip filler working with Dr. Kristen Blume. She has struggled with thinner lips her whole life, but now feels happy and more comfortable with her new look.

Lip Filler



Lip Filler

Lip filler is used to restore or add volume to the lips. People get lip filler for various reasons:

Restore previous lip look. As you age, your lips may get smaller or thinner, the groove between your upper lip and septum (i.e. philtrum) may get longer and flatter.

Correcting the shape of your lips. It’s common for your lips to be different sizes or shapes, but sometimes you want them to match better.

Smoothing fine lines above and beside the lips.

Boosting confidence with a better looking lip.

Lip fillers typically last 12 to 18 months; however, it depends on your age and metabolism.

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