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While in her mid-50s this patient underwent Restylane® Kysse lip enhancement by Dr. Kristen Blume of Beauty by Blume. She was looking for a solution for her asymmetry, volume, and decreased hydration of the lips that resulted in a more aged facial profile. The patient is smiling because of the Restylane® Kysse injections she had.

Mature Lip Filler



Mature Lip Filler

As we age, our lips naturally lose volume and elasticity, and the skin around the mouth may begin to sag. This means that mature lips may require a different approach to lip filler than younger lips do. For example, mature lips may benefit from a more conservative approach to filler, with smaller amounts of filler injected over multiple sessions to achieve a gradual increase in volume.  Additionally, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced injector who can assess the unique needs of your lips and create a customized treatment plan. Your injector may recommend a filler product that is designed specifically for mature lips, such as a thinner or more flexible filler that can help to restore lost volume without creating an overfilled or unnatural look.

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