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A Female patient underwent Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® hyaluronic acid filler treatments by Dr. Kristen Blume in Fishers, IN. The patient reported satisfaction with the results, expressing increased confidence and rejuvenation. Dr. Blume's expertise and skills were evident in the successful enhancement of the patient's facial features, leaving her pleased with the outcome. The patient's positive experience underscores the value of professional cosmetic procedures in enhancing self-esteem and achieving desired aesthetic goals.

Facial Balancing with Filler



Facial Balancing with Filler

Facial balancing is an aesthetic concept focusing on creating symmetry and harmony among the features of the face. It involves assessing and potentially altering the proportions of facial features to achieve a more balanced and appealing appearance. This can be accomplished through various means, including cosmetic surgery, non-surgical treatments like fillers and botox, or even makeup techniques.

Non-surgical options include dermal fillers to enhance cheekbones or jawline, aiming to create a more proportionate facial structure, and in this case, smoothing out lines in the skin and creating the look of more lifted cheekbones. The goal of facial balancing is not to achieve perfection but to enhance one's natural beauty by creating a more harmonious look that boosts confidence and self-esteem.

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